Thomas Callahan

The Program has been a singular and unquestionably beneficial experience for me personally, especially with respect to my legal career. I have advanced professionally and deepened my social contacts in Russia while making what I hope to be long-term friends in the form of Fellowship classmates.

Alfa Fellow 2016-2017 Host Company: Dentons Europe AO

Karin Riechenberg

The overall experience of the Alfa Fellowship Program is incomparable. The year provided me with a rich insight into Russia on a professional, cultural and personal level. It broadened my perspective, taught me new skills, opened career opportunities and connected me with highly inspirational and accomplished people. Not least, it helped me forge some great friendships that I hope will last well past the program.

Alfa Fellow 2015-2016 Host Company: Deloitte

James Appell

Leaving the programme, I can confidently state that I have achieved everything I wished for going into my year in Russia: a new career direction, a new set of skills and expertise which are of relevance to the new digital economy, and a job of considerable responsibility in a company with seemingly strong prospects for growth.

UK Alfa Fellow 2013-2014 Host company: Dream Industries

Livia Paggi

Professionally I have no doubt that [the program] has propelled me. But for me the Alfa Fellowship Program was as much about a journey to understanding Russia, as it was to coming to know myself and aligning the different parts of my life. For this I am truly grateful for having been given this opportunity.

Alfa Fellow 2012-2013 Host company: Statoil

Andrew Riedy

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity that the Alfa Fellowship has proven to be. It is has turned out to be a really one-of-a-kind experience in offering young specialists the opportunity to expand their understanding of Russia and gain practical on the ground experience. I have benefited in so many ways, including in the vast improvement of my Russian language skills, expansion of my professional network, publication opportunities, and growth in my understanding of Russian policy as it pertains to my field.

Alfa Fellow 2011-2012 Host company: Carnegie Moscow Center

James Marsh

For young professionals interested in Russia, the Alfa Fellowship offers an immensely rewarding opportunity to gain a rare insight into the country. The programme is truly unique.

UK Alfa Fellow 2010-2011 Host company: Barclays Capital

Emily Stromquist

Accepting the Alfa Fellowship was the most important decision I have made thus far in my career. The Alfa Fellowship provided me with an unrivaled opportunity to develop my career, build a network of contacts in Russia, and go places and have experiences that were unexpected and riveting. However my career pans out over the next couple years, it [is] certain I will continue to work on issues concerning US-Russia relations, and I know my year in Russia will serve me well for many years to come.

Alfa Fellow 2009-2010 Host company: Alfa-Bank

Colin McCullough

The Alfa Fellowship has given me professional and personal opportunities I would never have had otherwise and has presented me a unique opportunity to better understand modern Russia and the issues it deals with in the 21st century. Now, thanks to the Alfa Fellowship, I believe I have developed my language capacity, my understanding of Russia’s political, economic and societal spheres in such a way that I would now consider a career primarily focused on Russia.

Alfa Fellow 2007-2008 Host companies: RIA Novosti and Feature Story News

Bruce Purdy

Although the Soviet Union collapsed over 15 years ago, Russia is still developing western business practices. Therefore, to fully understand the ‘new Russia’, Fellows must demonstrate a high level of professionalism, patience, and understanding in order to be good ambassadors for the program. I am grateful for the program and all of the opportunities and experience it has provided for me.

Alfa Fellow 2006-2007 Host company: OPORA Russia