Alumni Profiles

Name Group Fellowship Year Work Placement Area of Expertise
Koban, Ksenia AFP# 5 2007-2008 Planet Finance, Moscow Municipal finance and investment
Koo, Jacqueline AFP# 14 2016-2017 Carnegie Moscow Center and American Chamber of Commerce Moscow Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Economics
Koppel, Catherine AFP# 8 2010-2011 Reuters Television Journalism
Kreidler, Michael AFP# 6 2008-2009 European Public Policy Advisors International Relations
Kumar, Neal AFP# 5 2007-2008 TNK BP Oil Trading
Kupfer, Matthew AFP# 14 2016-2017 Moscow Times Journalism
Lahan, Amanda AFP# 3 2005-2006 Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Expert Institute Strategic Communications, International and Public Relations
Lander, Christopher AFP# 11 2013-2014 Cargill Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture
Latta, Anthony AFP# 6 2008-2009 Microsoft, Russia, Anti-Corruption Department International Development, Corporate Operations, Project Management
Le Jeune, Christine AFP# 6 2008-2009 Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Journalism