Alumni Profiles

Name Group Fellowship Year Work Placement Area of Expertise
Grenfell, Penny AFP# 10 2012-2013 FAIRGirls / Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund Orphan Assistance
Hamilton, Lydia AFP# 12 2014-2015 Higher School of Economics International Higher Education
Harrington, Mary AFP# 6 2008-2009 Standard & Poor's International Relations
Hemmings, Hilary AFP# 11 2013-2014 Focus Humanitarian Assistance Migration Issues
Hendley, Michael AFP# 8 2010-2011 BOA Merrill Lynch Equity Research
Hickerson, Thomas AFP# 4 2006-2007 Microsoft Russia IT, Marketing, International Business
Hodge, Nathan AFP# 3 2005-2006 Ekspert Magazine Journalism
Horn, David AFP# 7 2009-2010 AMD Energy Policy
Howard, Colby AFP# 11 2013-2014 Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Security Policy
Hunter, Abigail AFP# 10 2012-2013 Boston Consulting Group Consulting